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The NEET- PCB - Physics, Chemistry, Biology is a tailored course for the students appearing for  Medical (NEET, AIIMS, COMED-K and other state and private universities) Entrance  Examination which are conducted for the purpose of determining the eligibility / merit, for admission of  candidates to the First year or First semester of full time courses in Medical, Dental, Ayurveda, Unani, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy & Yoga,  and Architecture courses, 

 This course is specially designed for students , who have opted for the pure Science group and are preparing Medical NEET, AIIMS, COMED-K and other state and private universities) Entrance  Examination . This course covers all the critical subjects of the group that go on to build your average marks which is important for your future growth. The course covers all the chapters in the mentioned subjects, as prescribed by the Engineering and Medical (NEET, AIIMS, COMED-K and other state and private universities) Entrance  Examination, ensuring that you are able to learn effectively and score high marks 

Course Name : NEET- PCB - 11- 2021

  • Biology

    Biology for 1st PUC

    This course has been specifically and specially developed for Biology students of PUC I year Karnataka State Board. It covers and teaches in detail all the 22 chapters and sub topics within. We lay emphasis on each module to ensure mastery of the subject - from the chapters on The Living World ,Plant and Mineral Nutrition , flowing into chapters exploring the concepts of genetics that drive evolution and “Excretory Products and their Elemination”. It explores Neural Control and Coordination  in the last chapters.
  • Physics

    Physics for 1st PUC

    This Physics course is built specifically for the students of the Karnataka State PU  Board in 1st PUC. This course covers all the prescribed chapters by the board and is best suited to prepare for not just the college exams but the board exams too. The chapters from “
    Physical World” , “Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion” to the chapters at the very end , “Waves”, are taught in great detail along with all the smaller subtopics in the form of modules. The tests and quizzes not only ensure you understand the concepts but also that you would excel in exams all around.
  • Chemistry

    Chemistry for 1st PUC

    This course is designed for you to prepare and excel in PUC I year chemistry. It covers all the chapters from “Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry” running through “States of Matter- Gases and Liquids” includes all topics of Organic Chemistry . All the 14 chapters are covered in detail right up to “Environmental Chemistry”. This course will help you understand study and excel in your PUC I year Chemistry exams.

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