Surprising Ways to Beat Exam Stress.


            1.Plan to start studying well before the exam.


               Make sure your schedule provides for sufficient revision time. As any good test-taker will tell you, the revisions are more important than the first time study.

           2.Get timetable organized.


              Draw up a revision timetable. Even if the exam’s in a week, a few days, tomorrow, this afternoon – as ludicrous as that may sound, it’ll help to focus your learning.

            3.Eat healthy food.


              Eating healthily during the exam period is a great way of letting everything else take care of itself, Lots of fruit and vegetables will give you the minerals, ions, and vitamins you need to stave off nasty germs and maintain other bodily functions – need I say more? Crabs for energy, protein for growth and repair – you know the score.

             4.Set up a routine.


               Plan your routine and follow it through. Wake up early to get more time during the day. Make a small to-do list and abide by it.

            5.Regular Exercise.


             Exercise gets the blood flowing. This means more oxygen will reach the brain and help it to function more efficiently. Anything you can do to get the brain working well is surely welcome during the exam period.



       Some students find it enticing to stay up late studying, but the fact is you need energy and focus to write an exam. A good night’s sleep is necessary to energize you the next morning.

           7.Talk through what you’ve learned.

            Students don’t just talk it through in the corridor 5 minutes before the exam. You’ll only get yourself into a panic worrying about what you think you don’t know. Make time for discussion in the weeks and days leading up to the big event.

           8.Be flexible.


             Be flexible in your timetable, so that you can bend according to the demand of the situation. Exceptions are always there, so be flexible. If you could not achieve your set goal for a day, do not get radically upset or disappointed. Make slight adjustments to the next day schedule to manage your work.

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