History of Online Tuitions


Online tutoring began with email. In this format, a student sent a question to the tutor with the expectation that the return email would contain “the answer.” Instead, what happened was a disconnection: The tutor, being a good guide, sent back a Socratic answer with more questioning prompts; the student, expecting “the answer,” became frustrated. Although the student may expect a give and take interaction in a face-to-face tutoring session, the email format suggested to the student that the question should be answered with a direct answer. This illustration is an example of using technology without fully developing the concept of tutoring in the online environment.

Simple Lecture took a step to change the way of learning by introducing a Smart way of learning bringing teachers easily in reach of students at a simple click

No longer do students have to carry their heavy books, With the help of Simplelecture.com online tuition, students can now study easily at comfort of there home without going to tutors. SimpleLecture also gives them a way to clear all kind of doubts withe there live 24/7 support forum, where  students can interact with teachers anywhere anytime.

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Online services may be able to provide benefits beyond just instructional support. For example, online tutoring programs like Simple Lecture combines both traditional tutoring as well as the modern way of learning where each concept is explained with animated examples that  makes it more understandable for students.

Advantages of Simple Lecture Online Tuition


  • Learn at your own EASE

online-advantagesStudents can learn anywhere at there own pace at there own time with experts.  It also helps the student to save time and money.

  • Unlimited Access to course Access_Unlimited_1007-Winnipeg-WebVersion_640x360_512251971871

    Students can  repeat recorded lectures any number of times, practice any number of test exercises and take the time to master any concepts.

  • Clear your doubts with Experts



Students can interact with the experts to solve there doubts as and when they get with Simple Lecture  24/7 Doubt solving forum. They need not to wait for the next class to ask there tutors.




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