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MEBA+E - Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and English for CBSE Class 12th 

This course has a combination of subjects ideal for students aspiring to pursue a career of excellence in business and related fields on Accounting and Analytics. The course covers all the exact chapters of CBSE Class 12th making sure you learn the lessons and concepts taught from the first to the last chapter in all the subjects mentioned. The quizzes, tests and mock exams at the end of each module and the course ensures that you will score high marks both in college and final board exams.

Benefits of this MEBA + E course is immense & immeasurable. This course covers exact chapters and topics of all the subjects (Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and English)as prescribed by your board and college. We provide you 24*7 learning-anytime, anywhere , you can decide your place, your pace and study at your wish and will. Save time, money and energy as you will not be travelling to attend classes. We guarantee best quality study material from our chosen team of experts in teaching, as well as Secured learning process with the assistance of our 'Expert Doubt Solving Forum'. The lessons are same as in your books, helping you score high marks in college and Board exams"

What is ? is an e-learning website that believes in the concept of 'teaching at home' via Audio-video Lectures available 24*7. is currently available for the CBSE and the Karnataka board syllabus

Key Aspects of Simple Lecture .com:

·         Chapter wise recorded audio video lectures

·         Quick Tests and sample question papers

·         Notes as per syllabus and exam format

2. Why should I enroll with

·         Watching and taking notes anytime anywhere

·         Lectures from experts at affordable cost

·         Quick solutions to doubts / questions

3. What benefits will I get from

·         Study 24 x 7 at your convenience

·         Learning topics/chapters at your own pace

·         Can study any topic multiple number of times

·         Save time and money 

·         No more travelling expenses

·         Secured Learning

·         Study when you wish  

4. What do you mean by Audio-Video Lecture?

It is professionally recorded subject-wise lecture by Highly Experienced professors which makes you free from having the problem of missing any particular topic or concept in any chapter

5. What is the concept of Quick test?

It focuses on conceptual understanding of all the topics in each chapter in the form of multiple choice questions. After every chapter you have to go through a test to know your level of understanding

6. How would the notes help me for exams?

As the notes are prepared by highly experienced professors according to the syllabus and question paper format, it will help you to revise well and score good grades

7. How can I Enroll a Course with

You can enroll just by one click and making online payments using our safe and secure payment gateway

8. Once enrolled, Can I share my login details with anyone?

No, you cannot share as we allow only single user login and in case you share it with anyone your Access to the course will be locked

9. What will I get as a package for each course, if I enroll?

·         Audio- video Recorded lecture.

·         Quick test for Each Chapter

·         Notes  that would come in handy during exams

·         Expert forum for quick solutions for all your doubts

10. How many times can I watch the audio video Lecture?

You can repeat/ watch the audio-video lectures any number of times till the concept is clear

11. If I buy a course for how long will it be valid?

All the courses will be valid till next day of your last day of final Exam

12. I have some questions/Doubt, what should I do?

You can post all your doubt and questions in respective subjects’ expert forum. It will be answered at the earliest

13. How will it help me to clear the exams?

·         Quick solutions to questions posted by you

·         Quick test after each chapter

·         Notes as per syllabus and question paper format

·         Chapters explained in videos  with practical examples 


Course Name : MEBA + E

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics is the key to higher education courses. Course is built specifically for the students of the CBSE Class 12th. This course covers all the prescribed chapters according to NCERT syllabus and is best suited to prepare for not just the college exams but the board and  engineering / medical entrance exams too. We have designed this course for you to do well and excel in your CBSE Class 12th Maths. We cover in minute details all the 13 chapters starting from “Relations & Functions” going through Matrices, Calculus both Differentiation & Integration, Vectors, 3 dimensional Geometry and ending with “Linear Programming” & “Probability”. This course is designed for you to succeed and excel in Class 12th Maths.

  • Economics

    Economics for CBSE Class 12th 

    This Economics course is specially designed and developed for the students in their CBSE Class 12th . This course covers both Micro-Economics and Macro-Economics in 12 units and the various topics within them. These chapters have been broken into smaller sub topics and modules to simplify learning and ensure that the students comprehend the lessons from “Introduction to Economy” to the last chapter - “Balance of Payments”. Taking this course will ensure that you understand the concepts as well as do very well in the exams. 

  • Business Studies

    Business Studies CBSE 12th

    Business has been and continues to be a lifeline to human civilizations. It is hence critical for us to grasp the concepts and its working. This course is built specifically for the students of the CBSE Class 12th. This course covers all the prescribed chapters according to NCERT syllabus. This Course has been created to specifically cater to the students of CBSE Class 12th , who have taken on “Business Studies” as a part of their education. This course will not only help you understand all the 12 lessons, from the basic “Nature and Significance of Management” to “Marketing” & “Consumer Protection” but also help you do extremely well in college and board exams.
  • Accountancy

    Accountancy for CBSE Class 12

    This course on accountancy has been tailor made for CBSE Class 12th students. This course covers all the prescribed chapters according to NCERT syllabus The course is fully aligned and prepared in a way to help the students excel and do well in their school and board exams. The course covers all the concepts in two parts starting from “Accounting For Non – Profit Organization or Non Trading Concern” running through concepts such as “Analysis of Financial Statements” and going on till the last chapter, “Cash Flow Statement”. We help them understand and know how to use these accounting principles and also do exceedingly well at the exams - both at the college and the boards. 

  • English

    English for CBSE Class 12th 

    The English course for CBSE 12th has been specially developed to ensure that each and every student does exceedingly well in their college and board exams. This course covers all the prescribed chapters according to NCERT syllabus. This course covers each and every chapter, poem and prose as prescribed by the board - starting from the Bard’s “The Last Lesson” to the last lesson in “Going Places” followed by Grammar . Each lesson is taught in great detail explaining each and every nuance ensuring that all the students learn their lessons well and perform outstandingly in exams.

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